The WoMAN in the MIRROR

Have you ever took a step back…looked at yourself in the mirror and embraced YOU!!! The beauty in your eyes, the shape of your lips, that dimple that peak out when you smile?!

Today was my day!! The day that I looked in own eyes, through my eyes, from my eyes & saw Possibilities!!!
I saw Beauty, I saw a strong confident young woman who was once afraid to love but was still looking for love from people!! That certain love she missed as a child. Never realizing that while I was seeking a certain type of love from people–I was neglecting the Love that had been in my corner from the beginning. The love that picked me up off the ground when others threw me away. The love that saved me from my sins once and for all. The love that filled every void in my life.

Have you ever looked for something that was with you all the time but never took a step back to realize it?!
I was too caught up in myself that I didn’t have time to step back.

Today was my day!!! The day that I looked in my own eyes, through my eyes, from my eyes & saw Possibilities!!!
I saw the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. I embraced my identity in Christ Jesus. I embraced him once again…the beauty about it all was that no matter how many times I left God…he never left me!! Each time I got caught up in (MYSELF) and didn’t acknowledge Christ in my Crisis….he would still welcome me back with open arms.

How many of you are walking around caught up in yourself?? Not embracing who God made you to be! Not acknowledging Christ in your Crisis! Thinking that you have it all figured out!

STOP!!! Take a second & look at the MAN OR WOMAN in the mirror. Embrace your beauty, Embrace your reality (Whatever that May be), Embrace the Christ within you, Embrace the fact that you don’t have it all figured out, Embrace the fact that God isn’t done with you yet, Embrace the face that through your mess..God will birth a message!!

Today can be your day!! The day that you look in your own eyes, through your eyes, from your eyes & see Possibilities through the God in you!!

-I Dare you to comment!!!!

-With Love,


ND Untold

“We wear the mask that grins and lies,
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,—
This debt we pay to human guile;
With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,
And mouth with myriad subtleties.
Why should the world be over-wise,
In counting all our tears and sighs?
Nay, let them only see us, while
       We wear the mask.
We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries
To thee from tortured souls arise.
We sing, but oh the clay is vile
Beneath our feet, and long the mile;
But let the world dream otherwise,
       We wear the mask!”
-Paul Laurence Dunbar
Do you wear a mask? A mask of happiness? A mask of bliss? A mask of importance? A mask of arrogance? A mask of a 2015 BMW? A mask of a six bedroom, five and a half bath, four car garage home? A mask of BCBG, Tory…

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Destiny Steps-Removing the barriers to Destiny. Week 1

What is Destiny? How do we reach it? & What are the barriers that could be stopping us from reaching it?
In January T.D. Jakes started a series called Destiny Steps that blessed my life like never before. He only preached on it for 4 weeks but honestly, I can’t get past the first week…that’s how much it keeps blessing me.

Ever since 2009 when I gave my life over to Christ he has been doing amazing things in my life that just blew my mind. In the beginning I felt excited, humbled, and totally grateful that God saved me from destruction at a very young age. The more I matured in Christ I quickly realized that everything wasn’t all peaches in cream while being a follower of Christ. I learned that some people would turn their backs on me just because I “thought” I was better than them for changing my lifestyle. I went through a lonely season because I used to have a bunch of “friends” in my life who I thought I needed….who was removed from my life. Adjusting to the fact that those who grew up with me wasn’t going to make it with me when I made it to my Destiny was devastating to me. God was changing something inside of me that was bigger than where I was in life at the moment. Later on in my life, God started shaping and molding me through different experiences that would occur.

Here I am, 22 a Junior in College…I’ve started my clothing line for girls which was launched at my very own first Fashion Show last year in June. Working in my field of Fashion, focused, and determined to reach Destiny. All of that sounded good typing it but the reality of it is—In the midst of trying to reach goals, and moving toward what God called me to be. There was numerous things that tried-& some succeeded in distracting me from my Destiny. Your Destiny is whatever you were called to be–whether a singer, dancer, teacher etc. Whatever you can do all day without getting paid for it, is your Destiny. It’s embedded inside of you- it’s the core of who you are. It’s why you were put on this earth in the first place. We all have something that we have to accomplish while we’re here, and we must fulfill it.

With that being said, Jakes sermon hit home for me in so many different ways because he talked about Destiny Steps, and that systems that we have in place that shapes how we speak, understand, and think. When we have systems in place that end up hindering us from accomplishing our Destiny we must change how we speak, understand, and think. I’m sure you’re asking what type of system am I talking about. For example, a system could be having a stubborn disposition, bad attitude, etc. there’s so many systems that we could have in our lives that could be stunting our growth. The problem for some us is that we’re so used of doing things a certain way

Just as this series is blessing me, I’m sure it will bless you. Are you ready to put away your system and adopt a new one? Stay tuned as I will be posting each step to this series. I’m still growing in Christ and I have so much more to learn…..Embark on this journey with me as I work on changing my system and remove these barriers in order to reach my Destiny!!!!!

Ms. Spicy



It’s been a long time coming! There has been up’s, downs, inside outs…etc. I have been through so much, each situation built another piece of me. What I thought was designed to break me, was actually here to build me up! My life was shattered into pieces to the point that I thought I couldn’t come back from it. Until Christ came along…I thought that I had to build myself up. I thought that if I started gathering the pieces back together that everything would be ok. I had it all wrong. The more I started to lean on Christ, the more that he used those situations to teach me lessons that I wouldn’t have learned unless I went through the pain.

Slowly, God used to same broken pieces and made me new. He didn’t have to make me over…he used my experiences to grow me up. It taught me things that my Parents didn’t. It taught me how to be more selective of the people I let in my circle. How to guard my heart above all else because it determined the course of my life. I never understood how important guarding my heart was until, I let the wrong one in and God revealed to me why he said it in his word.

Through all that I’ve been through I thought that I was so far from what God promised me. He quickly showed me that it was closer than I thought. I’m almost there and you are too. Keep pushing…keep fighting…keep praying. God got us!

Until next time,


Real Love…beyond the lights!

I recently watched the movie Beyond The Lights and that movie was EVERYTHING I needed it to be. I actually want to see it again, and again, oh and did I say AGAIN!

What caught my attention the most was the fact that the man saw her for who she really was… It was a connection like no other. He wasn’t trying to take from her nor did he have other motives. He genuinely fell for HER! The woman behind the glitz and glam. Many women are saying that good men are hard to find well, let me just say this were not supposed to be going out trying to find NO MAN….he who finds US will find a good thing.

If we put our desperation to the side and God allow him to come to us, then just maybe he will come. I still believe in TRUE AUTHENTIC LOVE! The kind without the extra additives in it that usually comes with alternate motives.. But the kind that’s Natural…it just blends perfectly between to perfectly imperfect people.

Now that I’m older and understand Love on another level…I can honestly say that I’ve never been in love with a Man here on earth… But I thank God that he sent Christ to be that example of how a Man is supposed to love me. Flaws & all at 22 I won’t give up on will happen in God’s timing! When you make up in your mind that you’re worth more than settling.. You understand that in knowing your worth you’ll have to wait patiently until God sends you your Soul Mate.

If you haven’t seen the movie please do so….its a breath taking, jaw dropping, heart captivating movie!

Late nights & early mornings!

Good morning everyone!!!

I just wanted to drop this Lil nugget on some of you who may be experiencing the same thing as I have. Lately I’ve just been working like crazy and falling behind on my homework….and even lacking in taking time out for myself especially. I’m sure we’ve all gotten in carried away with work that we forget to just stop and breathe.

We keep going and going until we overload ourselves and our body finally says ENOUGH! I simply wanted to remind you all of the importance of talking time out for you and not getting so caught up in working that you forget to prioritize and take care of the important things in your life.

I pray that you all don’t overload yourselves and start prioritizing. I pray that you all have a blessed money! Now back to regular scheduled programming…. Time for work…Lol gotta go get it💰💳💲✌✊👌

With love,
Ms. Spicy

No condemnation!!!

Hi everyone!!!

I’ve been gone for a second but I’m back. Life will shake and wake you up to things you was once blind too. I’ve been busy learning lessons and allowing the Holy Spirit to impart things in me like never before.

I’m refreshed and ready to talk all about it.

Ever wanted to do something you knew in your heart was wrong but because you wasn’t honest with God and yourself about your obvious weakness and tried to get rid of your issue on your own, you ended up falling??

Well, so have I. Truth is: When I confessed my weakness and began to walk in truth about what I wanted to do…I felt an instant relief and started my journey to walk in truth. Before relying on God to help me. I tried to do everything in my own strength. There’s a healing in being honest. It cost nothing to tell the truth. Be honest with yourself about the situation. No one else has to know but you and God.

My message today is: If you’ve been struggling with a certain situation in your life and have been trying to deal with it on your own…its time to lift the burden off of you and give it God.

Once, I gave it over to God he gave me strength to deal with my issue instead of allowing it to deal with me. I’m in the healing stage at this moment.

Be free. Give it to God. Don’t carry it alone. You don’t have to. That’s why Jesus died. He died for the very sins that we commit today. He knows what were going to do before we do it. He just wants to hear from us. He’s a very present God in the times of trouble.

Written in love,